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Classes Offered for Ages 4 and Up

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    Discover the Champion Within

    We offer a comprehensive kids matial arts curriculum. our kids start training with the fundementals of martial arts suited for their level and age. As they advance hrough the ranks they learn to apply their skills with partners in real life sparring and competiton training.

    Our experienced instructors are dedicated to nurturing the unique talents of each child, inspiring them to push beyond their limits and reach new heights. As your child’s growth and self-belief soar, they experience a profound sense of pride and joy 💪


    A Journey of Personal Growth and Achievement

    Our kids’ martial arts program offers a structured belt system that provides numerous benefits, enabling children to set goals and achieve personal growth over the course of their training. Through consistent practice and dedication, children have the opportunity to progress from one belt rank to another, symbolizing their increasing skill and knowledge.

    The belt system instills a sense of achievement and accomplishment in our young martial artists. As they work towards advancing to the next belt level, they develop discipline, focus, and determination. Each belt serves as a milestone, encouraging them to push their limits, overcome challenges, and realize their potential.

    Defence skills

    Character Development and Life Skills

    Within our classes, Students are encouraged to support and uplift one another, celebrating each other’s accomplishments and strengths. Through collaborative activities, teamwork exercises, and partner drills, children learn the value of working together, fostering friendships, and creating a positive and inclusive community.

    Our goal is to equip children with lifelong values that will positively influence their relationships, their interactions within the community, and their overall success in life.

    Martial Art

    Competition Training

    We understand that some kids have a competitive spirit and thrive in the adrenaline-filled atmosphere of tournaments. Our dedicated instructors provide specialized training to help participants develop the skills, strategies, and mindset necessary to excel in competitions. Participating in tournaments is not mandatory, but for those who choose to compete, we offer support and guidance throughout their preparation, ensuring they have the best chance to showcase their abilities and achieve their goals.

    More Than Martial Arts: Skills for the Classroom and Beyond

    Your child instill skills that translate directly to academic success: laser-sharp focus, indomitable self-discipline, and an unwavering respect for others. These aren’t just martial arts values; they’re life skills that your child will carry into the classroom, leading to better grades, improved behavior, and stronger relationships.

    Don’t leave a successful school year to chance. Take action now by enrolling your child in our program, where the skills they acquire will serve them well in the classroom and beyond

    Enrolling NOW for Back to School

    Claim Your Free Introductory Lesson and Discover a World of Fun and Confidence!

    Classes Offered for Ages 4 and Up

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We recommend comfortable workout attire, such as a t-shirt and athletic pants or shorts. Once enrolled, we will provide you with the specific uniform requirements, including belts.

      Yes, we welcome parents to observe their child’s classes. We have a large designated area where parents can comfortably watch the classes. You can also drop off your child before the class begins and pick them up once it concludes. This allows you the flexibility to run errands or attend to other commitments while ensuring your child’s safety and participation in our martial arts program. Our staff will be present to supervise and guide the students throughout their time in class.

      No, our training does not promote violence. In fact, We encourages self-control, discipline, and respect for others. We teach students to use their skills responsibly and only in self-defense or controlled competition settings.

      We offer 2, 3, or 5 classes per week. The choice ultimately depends on your child’s goals and your budget. However, we highly recommend attending classes at least 3 times a week for a well-balanced and efficient training experience that maximizes progress.

      Regular and consistent training is crucial for developing martial arts skills, improving physical fitness, and building discipline. Attending classes three times a week allows your child to maintain momentum, reinforce techniques, and make steady progress in their martial arts journey.

      However, we understand that every family’s schedule and financial situation is different. If attending three classes a week is not feasible, starting with two classes per week is still a great way for your child to get started and enjoy the benefits of martial arts training. Alternatively, if you have the availability and resources, attending five classes per week can provide an even more intensive training experience.

      Remember, it’s important to find a balance between training and rest. Overtraining can lead to exhaustion and potential injuries, so ensure that your child has adequate time for recovery and other activities outside of martial arts.

      Our instructors will be happy to discuss your child’s goals and help you choose the class frequency that works best for them.

      Absolutely! We’re pleased to offer complimentary access to our state-of-the-art fitness equipment for parents while their children are in class. It’s a great way for parents to stay active and make the most of their time at our facility.

      We offer flexible pricing options to fit your needs. Our popular package is $169 per month, which breaks down to about $39 per week.