Family Martial Arts

surrey family martial arts

Enjoy the many benefits of our Family Martial  Arts Classes, including but not limited to,


  • Getting in shape
  • Quality time with your family
  • Learning Self Defense
  • Healthy Friendships
  • Stress Release


Classes are 45 minutes Long with the following structure :

Warm up/Stretching Section

We start by warming up (specific Cardio drills) and stretching for about 10 minutes to get your body and mind ready for the class. It’s important to Not skip this section especially for beginners. You will obtain the most benefits from your training by going through a professionally planned warm up.

Fitness and Martial Arts Drills

We will incorporate all elements of fitness and Martial arts in this section. You will Learn basic Self Defense techniques and Kickboxing for fitness. We will be using the heavy bags, Focus mitts and other equipments. Get ready to sweat and learn a ton in this section.

Children will focus on our children Martial Arts Curriculum.


Strengthening and Conditioning Section

The class will then end with this short but essential section. In the last 5-10 minutes you will use your body weight or our Gym Machine. You will be guided and educated through this section as well to get the most from your workout.


Coach Zamir

20 Years of Experience

Kickboxing , Boxing

Sensei Amir

14 years of Martial Arts Experience

Kickboxing , Boxing , Karate


Monday to Friday : 7:15 pm – 8:00 pm


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